Tiga Posisi Terbaik Kamasutra

Kama Sutra is a great way to find information on sexual positions that you may not be familiar with. There are many sexual positions that are recommended for the best sexual pleasure, but we are going to only concentrate on 3 positions that are guaranteed to make her go wild. Kama Sutra originates from Indian ideas and traditions that are believed to be the best ways to have sex.The first position we will explore is called, “The Clip”. A man while laying down on his back will keep his legs stretched out. Then the women will sit down on top of him and allowing the man to have deep penetration. It is also great for the women because she can control the movement and it allows the man to play with her vaginal area. The man gets a great view of his partner and can see her thrusting her body.

The second position is called the, “Don’t Go”. This position is where the man and women lay sideways, this is good for the man because he can control his thrusting motion. The man will also be able to fondle the womans anal area which is great for stimulation.

Thirdly is the, “The Dog”. This position is considered the best Kama Sutra position to use for the women to have an orgasm. The women will get down on the ground on her 2 arms and 2 legs, then the man will penetrate her from behind. It is a great position because the man can control the thrusting and also caress the woman’s breast at the same time.


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