Teknik Aksi Lidah Masa Istimta’

Do you know that more than 85% of women regularly achieve orgasms from cunnilingus when compared to only 21% of them from traditional penetration? This shows that if you want your partner to reach her orgasms breaking point, you absolutely need to master the art of cunnilingus.

Let us talk about the 3 cunnilingus techniques that you should use whenever you go down on your partner:

1. Clitoris Sweeping. This is a great cunnilingus move and it simply feels wonderful to a woman. To execute this move, place your tongue on either the right or left hand side of her clitoris and move from side to side as if you are sweeping the floor.

2. Vacuum. For this cunnilingus technique, be sure not to suck too hard. Place your mouth over your partner’s clitoris and gently suck it in and out of your mouth. Do this gently and be sure that your partner is already warmed up before you use this technique on her. You may also take note that it is best not to use this technique during her orgasms as it may be too strong a sensation for her to take it.

3. Clitoris Circling. This is one of the best cunnilingus techniques around. You will position your tongue either on the left or right hand side of your partner’s clitoris and start moving it either in a clockwise of anti-clockwise direction. If your partner is fairly aroused and you use this technique on her, it simply feels divine to her.

Cunnilingus is the single best form to help a woman reaches her orgasms during lovemaking. It will be worth all your effort to master the art of cunnilingus if you want to impress her during lovemaking.


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