Rangsang Nafsu Luar Dengan Aksi Lidah

In cunnilingus, other than using your tongue to stimulate a woman’s clitoris, there are actually 3 techniques that may give your cunnilingus bag a few new tricks. Sometime, there need to be an essence of change so as to make cunnilingus stays interesting. Let me share with you 3 additional techniques now:

1. Fingering. Fingering is by far the most popular accompaniment to cunnilingus. With your fingers, there are so many ways that you stimulate your partner. But before you insert your fingers into her, make sure that she is wet enough so as to minimize pain. Whatever techniques that you use, you should also make sure that you do it slowly and gently unless she asks you to do otherwise. Take note that you should try not to use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris. This is not a rule but a suggestion. As the clitoris is extremely sensitive, a warm, soft and wet tongue feels much better than a finger.

2. Using toys. For really advanced cunnilingus masters, using toys during cunnilingus can definitely spice it up a little. Make sure that your partner is comfortable with toys first. Of course, if she is not comfortable in using toys, you should leave it at that to avoid making her feeling uncomfortable. When your partner feels uncomfortable, she will not be able to enjoy the cunnilingus session and all your efforts will go down to the drain. There are basically 2 types of toys that you can use, one that stays outside the vaginal canal, and one that goes into it. You can get a variety of sex toys from your local sex toys shop, or you can even search online and have them delivered to your home to stay discreet.

3. G-spot stimulation. G-spot is a small bundle of nerves about two inches inside a woman’s vaginal canal. A woman can experience an orgasm from g-spot stimulation alone. However, the feeling of g-spot orgasm is different from the feeling of clitoral orgasm, and it is possible for your lover to experience both experiences at once! Having both experiences at once will be amazing and earth-shattering for a woman. To stimulate the g-spot, you must know how to find it. Insert your index finger with your palm facing up into her. Make a “come here” motion and that should pretty much do it. Apply consistent pressure onto it as g-spot reacts to pressure not touches.

With these 3 additional cunnilingus techniques, you are now better equipped to achieve cunnilingus success.

Do you know that more than 81% of women regularly achieve orgasms from cunnilingus, when compared to only 25% of them from traditional intercourse?


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