Rahsia Jima’

So like thousands of others you are looking for the secrets of love making.Maybe your in a long term relationship and your sex life has gone a bit stale and boring,or perhaps your just single or maybe just starting out in a new relationship,it does not matter,we all want the same thing and that is to be a master in the bedroom department,so you can impress your partner.So,What exactly are the secrets of Love Making?

Well to put it quite simply,one of the main and most undervalued love secret is none other than “preparation”.

Most people seem to think that the most important secret of love making is in the movement,techniques or maybe even something else,but quite simply if you get your preparation right and get of to the best possible start then everything else is plain sailing.

So,What does the preparation involve,I can hear you asking.

Preparation is all about making your partner feel special,loved and wanted.If were honest with ourselves,then most of us don’t give preparation a second thought when making love with our partner,but I can,t stress enough that by simply giving a little bit of effort into our approach to love making,it will go a long way to satisfying your partners needs and put you firmly on the way to discovering one of the most undervalued best kept love making secrets there is.

Below is 4 simple preparation tips and suggestions that you could use when making love to your partner the next time.

  • Give your partner plenty of foreplay

Ask any expert on Love making secrets and they will tell you that prolonged periods of foreplay is the best way to get your partner relaxed and in the mood for passion.Try to spend at least 20 minutes before intercourse exploring each others body.Try to remember that good foreplay is and always will be one of the main secrets of love making.

  • Show them affection

Everyone loves affection,it does not matter who you are,throughout the day send them a text message telling them how much you love them,tell them how lovely they look and how much you long for them, ect. By showing them these simple but very affective affection methods you will have your partner in the exact frame of mind for the night of passion ahead.You can get more ideas of ways to show your partner affection by clicking here.

  • Be prepared

One of the biggest passion killers when making love is not being prepared properly.Try to make sure that you have any contraceptive remedies available,as there is nothing worse than getting to the heat of the moment and realising that you can,t carry on.

  • Hygiene is a must

This goes hand in hand with foreplay as one of the most important secrets of love making,good hygiene is a absolute must.Make sure you have recently showered,shaved (woman hate stubble and men hate hairy legs and arm pits )and remember to use deodarant and it won,t hurt either to put a splash of scent on either.

At first you may not think the above tips are of any use to you,but studies and research has shown that if you are prepared to go the extra yard in preparing yourself right for love making,then it will set you in good stead for night of passion ahead.What you need to remember is that love making and sex are two different things and if you take notice to what has been said and implement some of the suggestions,then I,am sure you will agree that you have just found one of the main fundamental secrets to love making,after all it is making love that we are talking about here.


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