Rahsia Inzal Teragung

We know what men want, men are more visual whereas, women want to experience all her sensations. If you really want to give your woman mind blowing, killer orgasms then follow these tips:Slow Down!

Don’t just jump right into her and quickly finish after five minutes. Enjoy it. It should be a special time where both of you slow down and enjoy each other. Tell her how much fun you are having and to stop worrying about other unimportant issues in her life.

Start to gently kiss and hug her. Tell her that she’s beautiful because most woman worry about their looks and start to focus on her letting go of her emotions. You will see she will slowly relax and forget about all her anxiety.

Touch her

Woman reach orgasm peak when you stimulate the clitoris. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Do not poke or bash it! Instead, slowly stroke your finger around the clitoris until she gets really excited, move your fingers insider of her. This will drive her wild!

For the more adventurous people, use your tongue instead as it is more sensitive and softer than your fingers. Experiment with the amount of stroke, pressure and speed of your tongue. Don’t be predictable, start kissing her clitoris and then move up her breasts and then back down again.

If she get really excited, then keep on increasing the intensity

If you find doing something that really stimulates her, keep on increasing the intensity. Don’t Stop! If you go overboard, the woman will tell you directly.

Enjoy it!

Both of you should enjoy this experience. It shouldn’t be a painful and disgusting experience. The best way to know if she really enjoy the sex is if you really love it as well. Most men have sex so they can satisfy their ego that they’re are having sex and it means they’re a real man. Don’t fall into this trap. Really enjoy sex and good luck!


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