Posisi Untuk Rangsang Titik Lazat Cita

Yes it is true there are good ways of having sex and then there are great ways of having sex. We are going to focus on the best ways for you to hit the G Spot. It is important to know that having sex for three minutes is not going to doing it. You must find these great tips on sexual positions useful in your love making and you should use them frequently. The most important thing is to communicate so that you will be on the same page and you will know together what is working and what is not.The G Spot is a small area that is located behind the pubic bone and when stimulated properly will allow the woman to have an awesome orgasm. You need to play with your woman to find out exactly where hers is located. It is a good idea to explore but to be gentle when doing this.

When having sex there are several good positions that will help you in achieving that G Spot climax you are looking for. When using the standard missionary position you need to make sure that the girl lifts her hips to a higher elevation, this will allow you for maximum penetration and pleasure. When you are on top of her you want to put some of your weight onto her. Most men try to have sex without putting any weight on the woman which is not a good thing. A woman likes to feel a man on top of her and to feel the pressure of hid pelvic pressed against her is a great way to hit that G Spot quicker.


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