Posisi Jima’ Yang Nikmatkan Isteri

A majority of people stay with the same basic sex position for there entire love lives, often getting bored of the position and leading to infrequent sex in the relationship. Adding new sex positions is healthy, feels better and has the potential to rekindle the romance in the relationship.Here is a list of the best sex positions:

1. Woman On Top. This is aimed at making the male have less pressure, allowing him to gain more from sex while the woman does extra movements. Often this works well when the male is a lot heavier than the female. For a healthy sexual relationship it is best to change who is on top at every possible opportunity.

2. Missionary Style. Missionary is the most popular style used in sexual intercourse through out the world. It involves the female having her legs wide open allowing the male to penetrate at different desired speed and depth. Often this allows for more active sex.

3. The Sixty Nine Position. This is a popular sexual technique of the modern era. It involves oral sex with the females head being directly opposite the males penis and the males head directly opposite the female vagina. Compared to other oral sex techniques this allows both people of the relationship to enjoy and not have to work to hard at the same time.

With a lot of years experience around sexual health, it has been proven that changing sexual positions is successful. Questioning the other member of the relationship of what sexual positions and moves they like best is also a good thing to perform.


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