Posisi Jima’ Untuk Pengantin Baru

So,you have just started out in a new relationship,and as with most couples your thoughts will be on making love,but as you want your first couple of sex sessions together to be extra special,you are unsure on what will be the best lovemaking position to use.If you get your lovemaking of to a good start,it will breed confidence and enable the two of you to have great sex for the years ahead.So,What is the best lovemaking position for new relationships?

The best lovemaking position to use in the early stages of your relationship is without doubt,the missionary position. I can almost guarantee ,if you was to ask any man or woman to be honest and tell you,what lovemaking position they feel most comfortable with,in the early stages of the relationship,they would say the missionary position.

The main reasons behind this is confidence and comfort,as in the beginning of any relationship,you are still getting to know each other and are probably still a bit insecure about showing of our private areas.

Always remember that he most important thing is, that in order to have great sex,then the two of you ( especially the woman ) must feel confident and comfortable in what you are doing.

So,What is the missionary position? The missionary position is regarded by many as the best lovemaking position ever,It is the most popular and common sexual position in the world and has been getting used for decades.

In this position the male lies on top of the woman and has intercourse,his hands are free to do as he wishes with them,he also has face to face contact to enable kissing.

The female especially will like the missionary approach as her best lovemaking position as she feels more confident,and has a great feeling of being made love to,as the man is on top taking the lead.

As your relationship starts to blossom and you get to know each other more,your confidence with each other will grow.That is the time,when you will be able to take your lovemaking to a different level and explore lots of other sexual positions.The best lovemaking positions will always be more satisfying when the both of you are relaxed and confident with each other and that is why the missionary position is the best lovemaking position to use in the early stages of your relationship.


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