Posisi Jima’ Terbaik

One of the most important secrets of love making, is to know the best love making positions to use during sexual intercourse. Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, tend to stick to the missionary position during sex, as this tends to be the easiest option and the common thing to do, but did you know that most woman fantasise about having sex in lots of different positions.Experts admit that one of the main secrets to love making is to spice up your sex life by trying out new positions, and if you did, t know there are hundreds of different sexual positions you can experiment with, ranging from nice and easy ones to the athletic ones were a good rate of physical fitness will be essential.

I have decided to focus on 4 of the best love making positions below, which if you start to experiment with right away, will send your lovemaking to the next level and will have you on course to mastering one of the most important secrets of love making.

The Belly Flop Position.

With this sexual position, the woman will lie on her stomach, taking her weight on her forearms. She will bend one of his legs out to the side and the man will position on top of her and enter her from behind. When using this position with your partner, you should place a pillow under her hips so that her pelvis is angled and you have a better chance to hit her g-spot and cause orgasm. Be sure to extend your arms to keep the weight off her. The reason why the belly flop is regarded as one of the best love making position is due to it, s ease of use and it, s ability to cause orgasm for the female.

The Clip Position.

This sexual position starts off with the man lying down with his legs outstretched. His partner will sit on top of him, allowing him to penetrate her. The woman will lean back, allowing the man to stimulate her clitoris with his free hands, giving her greater pleasure. Woman of all ages love this position due to the extreme pleasure it gives them from cliteral stimulation from there partner as well as intercourse.

Doggy Position.

With this position, the girl will go down on all fours, tilting her hips slightly towards the ceiling. The man will then position within sucking and licking distance of her vulva. This position is great if you and your partner want to experience something kinkier and is a sure fire way to create orgasm for the female.

The Right Angle Position.

For this position, the woman will lie on her back with her bottom at the edge of a table or a bed. The man can place a cushion at the back of the woman to make her feel more comfortable. The man will then enter her, caressing her breasts and clitoris. If the woman grab the mans pelvis with her ankles crossed and he presses himself against her, the pressure will mount, giving very powerful stimulation for both parties. She will feel very pleasurable as she will be able to feel every movement of your manhood.

As with . all things in life, practise makes perfect, and if you and your partner start to experiment in some of the best love making positions as stated above, then i can assure you will have found one of the major secrets of love making there is today, and as a result your sex life will drastically improve.


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