Posisi Aksi Lidah Terbaik

By varying the positions in which you perform cunnilingus on your partner, you will be able to tantalize her and bring her to a new level of orgasmic experience that she ever thought imaginable.

When it comes to cunnilingus, it has a basic concept, which is to use your tongue to lick a woman’s vulva. After sometime, things do get boring in the bedroom. By changing the way you perform cunnilingus, cunnilingus will stay interesting for the benefits for the both of you.

Let us discuss 4 cunnilingus positions that you can use to spice things up:

1. Doggy position. With this position, your partner will go down on all fours, with her hips slightly tilted towards the ceiling. You will then position your face within sucking and licking distance from her vulva. Do talk to your partner and make sure that she is comfortable with this position as it has always been criticized as a degrading position for the women. However, if you and your partner want to experience something randy, this cunnilingus position may feel a little kinkier than the other cunnilingus positions.

2. 69 positions. This position allows mutual stimulation for the benefits of both of you. If you get stiff neck easily, this position will be ideal for you. With this position, you will invert your body so that your legs are on the same end of the bed as her head and your head is on the same end of the bed as her legs. The only drawback for this position is that your lover may not be able to fully enjoy the cunnilingus session as she is also performing fellatio on you.

3. Legs Up position. This position is the most popularly used cunnilingus position of all time. In this position, she will lie down on her back and you will place your head squarely between her legs. The reason why this position is so popular is because it allows uninhibited access to her vulva, which gives you excellent opportunity to perform!

4. Legs on Bed position. This position is very similar to the Legs Up position, except that her legs are not up but on the bed. This position allows the woman to have more control during cunnilingus. However, it may cause discomfort for your neck if you are someone who get stiff neck easily. To try out this position, she will adopt the same position as the Legs Up position and you will place your mouth squarely between her legs and start licking.


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