Petua Posisi Jima’ Paling Sesuai

When it comes to different positions, men and women are usually on different pages. Men will usually only use one or two sexual positions and they feel comfortable with that. Men feel like they needs to create something new and interesting positions for women, but usually resort to what they are used to and they are afraid to experiment with new positions. Men usually are afraid that he will not be a good lover unless he makes the women think they are having the best sex ever.

When trying to figure out what is the best sexual position it is not advisable to use a porn movie as a reference. Usually it is very unrealistic and can often create a situation that you both will expect too much and in turn will have a big let down. In most cases the porn movie objective is to get as many viewers as possible. The movies usually show situations that you do not see in real life and are not to be used for educational purposes.

Another important thing to remember is not be afraid to talking to each other and discussing what feels good and what does not. A lot of times with sex and finding the right position it is a good idea to communicate with each other as much as possible so you can understand what you like and don’t like. Don’t be afraid to talk to each because through communication you will find a new position that fits you both just perfect.


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