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Getting a woman to orgasm is one of the most toughest at the same time most confusing part of sex. As you just never whether it’s a real or a fake orgasm. Not many guys out there know how to spot a fake therefore never end up getting what they truly want. But what if she never has to fake it around you since you seem to know the tricks which would make her orgasm every single time? Read on to discover some of the most stunning tips on how to make a woman orgasm and achieve earth shattering results within no time…Let her anticipation built- Do you know that when their are emotions involved there are very high chances that she will orgasm every single time? And this is what you need to do to really get her to orgasm every time. You see the human mind is a powerful thing and for men a simple sexual thought can give them an erection and for women a simple sexual thought can enhance their orgasm abilities and this is what you will use. Try to tell her that you have a surprise for her tonight in bed. You will do something which she has never experienced before but she would absolutely love it. You see once you say that she thinks about it all day long and would be more than ready with burning desire and urge which would help you in several ways.

Keep her waiting- Now this is something which will truly get her wet and she would end up with an orgasm instantly. Like mentioned above you need to build anticipation and than keep her waiting. Get her into bed and ask her to close her eyes and not open it at all. Than slowly get your fingers around her vagina and touch it ever so gently. But don’t insert them into the vagina yet. You see the more you do this the more hungry she would become and the more quickly she would orgasm.


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