Petua Mencari Titik Lazat Cita

Finding the G-Spot is an essential process for the female to benefit and enjoy instances of sexual intercourse as much as possible. It often takes a long time to develop consistency hitting the sensitive female spot, which will allow the female an improved orgasm. The better the orgasm, the healthier the relationship will be in the long term.Tips To Finding The G-Spot:

– First you need to stimulate the female clitoris before working your way into satisfying the sensitive spot. It is best to keep finger nails short if instigating a female orgasm with your fingers or other sharp parts.

– Often people will say the G-Spot is exactly two and a half centimeters above the clitoris. This is actually not true, as the actual length is different for all females. The best way to accurate find the spot that females benefit from the most is to ask her where it is and what techniques she likes being applied to it.

– Its important to understand that different techniques and exercises are liked by woman differently. The most successful method is to stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot before engaging in normal sexual intercourse which includes positions such as woman on top, male on top and missionary position.

Sexual intercourse without finding the G-Spot can be very unsuccessful and unrewarding especially for the female involved. A good technique is to stimulate feelings by kissing on the female breast, before moving your way down to the G-Spot. It is also good to remember that being gentle in that delicate area is essential.


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