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Ever feel like you could perform better in bed? Ever feel concerned that your partner has been left feeling unfulfilled after a love making session? Many men have these concerns, and often times they are well founded. There are many reasons that men do not perform to the best of their abilities in bed. I’ll share a few tips to get you on the road to a more satisfying love life.Take control: Many women like it when a man takes control in bed. Let the woman know you are in charge, and initiate and control what goes on. Be the one who decides where the action is. This really helps give the impression that you are a confident man. Confidence is very high on the attraction list for qualities that women look for in a man.

Pat attention to her signals: Make sure that you are looking for the reactions of your lover. If doing a certain thing gets a great reaction from her, make sure you work with that for a while. Run with it and drive her to ecstasy. Also, pay attention to the opposite reaction. If she seems more hesitant to a certain action, casually move on to something else.

Remember it is about her: Pay attention to your lover. To be a great lover, make her know that it is about her. Work to make it about pleasing her. Use whatever she is comfortable with to please her. There is the added benefit that if a woman is greatly pleased, she would be more willing to do the same for her man. Who wouldn’t?


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