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I was having on online chat with a sister out in California when she explained why she went vegan. Fred had apparently been the cause. Following the word Fred was a 3 year old fibroid tumor she had been struggling with. I was pulled inside and my immediate thought was why did she name it? I couldn’t help but be reminded of my struggles with fibroid tumor – the muscular fibrous ball of tissue that grow in and around the female uterus. I never named it and I wondered why. She named hers and I wondered why. I see irony in naming something abnormal, annoying and painful that’s growing in your body. It gives it an oxymoron kind of twist, I must say.Why didn’t I think of that? I didn’t because I found no wisdom in baptizing and confirming the birth of something I would be better off without. A naming ceremony would give it the impression that I wanted it to stay for keeps. I would be sending it a message that I want it to become a permanent attachment to my physical domain. Instead I took the time to get to understand it while it visited and to trace the roots and arteries to its source and origin.

During my years of living with a fibroid tumor, I recall various interpretations of this female issue. Some called it a “baby”, a child wanting to grow; the unborn child. I describe it as blocked creativity. It sits there needing to be born but not in the traditional sense. It has to be birthed creatively, energetically. It is creative energy that is stagnant and accumulated and stuck in our creative center.

Another common association and source of fibroid tumor development deals with the relationship women have with men. I learned that women who have these tumors in their body are also in conflict with the first man in their lives – the father. The quality of the father and daughter relationship sets a stage for the rest that would follow. I did have unresolved issues with my father. I pocketed them in my uterus because I didn’t think it was relevant and at the time didn’t know how to cope. But as I dealt with it, I discovered that indeed, it was a manifestation of blocked energies that never had a chance to see the light. The relationship with men in my life would follow a similar pattern as my body tried its best to tell me in its own language.

What I learned through my experiences and research is that the womb is the creative center; the place where we create and give birth from. It is the space in which our creative ideas are conceived and where they gestate until its time for delivery into the world. When we don’t work those ideas to fruition because someone arrested our creative fetal development, a miscarriage occurs. And when this miscarriage happens the scraps and leftovers of the creation clams up into a fibrous ball over time. What started to grow inside are half destroyed and the remains are stuck on the inner walls of womb home. They are internal paintings and crafts hanging inside to display our unexpressed creativity.

The process of healing our sexual/creative wounds requires that we go back to what we didn’t finish and bring peaceful and proper closure. The usual minds are incapable of easily seeing imbalances such as fibroid tumors as manifestation of our sexual wounds. But they are. Our creativity and our sexuality are one and the same. They are both a process of producing and delivering. To heal our creativity, we must heal our sexuality at the same time.

A woman’s womb is a universe in its entirety; the mysterious place where lives travel through. The relationship we have with this place is in need of change that is healthy, loving, peaceful and progressive. The womb needs nourishment and attention. When we change the way we see and understand the world inside of us, we will be able to change the way we live and experience the world outside of us.

Let us consider a universal womb and how all our wombs are tied into this womb. We must then remember the raped womb, the abused womb, the sad womb, the angry womb, the worried womb, the sick womb, the empty womb. And in our remembrance we must acknowledge and understand that all our wombs are tied in with the womb of mother earth. To heal mine would set the energies in motion to heal yours.


Sit or lie comfortably. Using the breath as a gateway to the depths of your body where the womb lies, imagine the breath flowing and streaming into your body through your nostrils. In your mind’s eye see the energy as a ray of light seeping down your central vertical channel and through your spinal column. See and feel it move into your nostril and through your throat chakra, filling your lungs and breasts. See it fill each vertebrae and surrounding area. See each vertebrae glow when the energy- of your the breath makes contact with it. See and feel the light project outward from the center of each vertebrae, spreading through its east and west territories and raising the vibration in each backbone. Allow the light to twirl through and around the spinal column until the healing light reaches and engulfs the womb and the sacrum (tailbone). Allow the healing light energy to bask in your womb for at least 3 minutes instructing it to purify and cleanse your sacred space.

Continue to breathe in and out of your nostrils, bringing the essence down into the womb with each inhalation. Fill your womb with pure love vibrations. Slowly exhale using simple and loving intentions to release congestion and negative energy in your womb area. With each exhalation free your womb of its pain, scars, confusions and contaminations. Then substitute those energies with love, peace, harmony and power. Continue this for 10 minutes.

Do this healing womb meditation on a daily basis until you begin to feel the relief and shift in your womb. Pay attention to the sensations and movements in your sacred space as it realigns into its normal place and state. You will begin to feel better inside your sacred space after only a few sessions. Over time, you will see and experience the changes that magically happen around you.

Your womb is your sacred home. Live from it and according to it!!

Womb Affirmation: ” honor my womb as the sacred space of creation! I create a loving and peaceful space in my womb. I love my womb!”


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