Petua Kemesraan Ketika Jima’

To put things very simply, you need to intensify orgasms and create sexual anticipation in order to spice up your lovemaking experience with your partner. It is very common for couples to experience lost of intimacy once they have been together for quite some time. But as long as you put a little more effort to create sexual anticipation, you will be able to bring back the intimacy once again.

Let me share with you 3 burning lovemaking tips that you can use to increase intimacy with your lover:

1. Prepare a nice and romantic getaway. One of the main reasons why couples do not enjoy lovemaking anymore is because they are too busy with their work. When they return home, they are usually too tired to make love. Even when they make love, they tend to rush things through so as to get it done with and go to sleep. Therefore, the first thing that you absolutely need to do to bring back intimacy is to plan a romantic getaway, preferably to another country for holidays. During holidays, the both of you will be freed from work and be able to enjoy each other once again. Being overseas, it also helps create the mood for lovemaking.

2. Create the mood and desire for lovemaking. If you just get into the bed and make love with your partner, it will not make any difference. What you need to do is to create the sexual anticipation that is necessary for great sex. Suggest to your lover that the both of you dress up scantily. Cuddle together on the sofa and watch a romantic and steamy movie together, like “The Notebook”. When it reaches the lovemaking scene, the both of you can engage in a little foreplay. To bring things to a new height, you can suggest having a shower together and engage in a steamy foreplay in the bathroom.

3. Break the routine during intercourse. Do not always try out the same positions every time when you make love with your lover. Explore other positions to make lovemaking fresher and more exciting. During intercourse, try to go very slow and last as long as you can. Remember one of the main reasons that intimacy is lost is because couples tend to rush through lovemaking. Therefore, do not make the same mistake this time.


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