Rahsia Jima’ Terbaik

Apakah faktor yang menyebabkan suami bersedia untuk melakukan jima’ yang memuaskan? Sebenarnya suami akan bangkit nafsu syahwatnya akibat banyak perkara. Sebagai contoh penglihatan, penghiduan, sentuhan, pendengaran malah memori boleh membangkitkan nafsu syahwat suami.

Namun terdapat rahsia apakah yang membangkitkan nafsu syahwat suami hingga mampu melakukan jima’ yang terbaik.

Rahsia terbesarnya ialah isteri yang menyerah sepenuhnya.

Men don’t want the abstraction-sure it titillates and occupies their minds and “free” time-but what men really want, what they really desire, is not some illusion, some technique, some airbrushed coed who likes to bake apple pies and play tennis, they want you-their friend, partner, lover, and confidant. And, more than just wanting you, they want you to:

– love your body
– feel sexy about yourself
– be able to express your needs
– not withhold your love and passion
– lavish him with special treatment
– be totally present
– be willing to indulge in both yours and his fantasies
– and, never make sex a divisive tool, but always allow for it to be a place where you and he “come together.”

When you do these “things,” you become sexier and more irresistible to men than any centerfold, more satisfying than any technique, and more orgasmic than any role you could play. It’s when you and your man connect. It is so much more than just *sex*, it is mind blowing sex, the kind of sex that sends shivers down your spine just thinking about it and leaves you longing for each other…another touch, another embrace. It is most definitely the best sex ever, where you and he connect both on the physical as well as spiritual planes.

When you can love yourself and your body, you become the embodiment of all women to him-you are the sexiest, most gorgeous woman of all time. You are *his* woman!

So no matter how big or small your breasts are, how much cellulite you have, whether you’re old or young, skinny or not-so-much, you are all Woman. You are *his* woman. Yes, it sounds a bit primal, right? But it’s not, because just as equally, when you open yourself up to this kind of love, to this kind of sex, he is *your* man, too. You see, it goes both ways. The more you indulge him, the more he indulges you. The more you love yourself, the more he can love you. The sexier you feel, the sexier he will find you!

Some of you might be thinking the “list seems a bit touchy-feely to me”. “My man would never say these things to me. How could I believe this is what he really wants?” While he may not be able to articulate it, he’s definitely feeling these emotions.

Think about it-wouldn’t you want your man to be all these things for you? Wouldn’t this list of “ingredients” make for the best sex ever if he felt these ways about himself? Of course, so why should it be any different for him?

When you learn to love yourself, feel sexy about yourself, and safe and adored in your relationship, you are giving your man the best sex gift-toy-outfit-treat-experience he could ever want. Give it a try; I’m sure you’ll see what I mean… maybe even tonight!


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