Petua Isteri Inzal Setiap Kali Jima’

Do you know that many girls go several years without having a real orgasm, either they end up faking it or they just don’t orgasm at all. The main problem is that several guys out there don’t even realize whether her orgasms are fake or real and eventually she might end up dumping you only due to the fact that she is not able to reach orgasms with you. You see unless she orgasms every time during intercourse sex will never be a matter of pleasure for her. Read on to discover some of the most mind blowing ways on how to make her orgasm every time…Give her a lot of oral- There are several studies which have proven that women are more satisfied with oral than real intercourse itself. You see in order to really make her orgasm the biggest key is to give her a lot of oral. A woman would love to spend hours and hours long having oral than the real thing as that tends to satisfy them more therefore learn to give a lot of oral.

Keep it new- Another reason why most females don’t orgasm during sex is simply due to the reason that their partner just becomes way to predictable after a while. You see when they know what’s going to happen the element of excitement is lost which eventually kills the passion. Therefore learn to try something new or at least do something new every time you have sex.

Keep changing positions- Changing positions is another very vital key to really making her orgasm. You see there are some positions which lead to very strong stimulation in the vaginal area which would make her orgasm real fast and this is what you need to work on.


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