Merangsang Titik Lazat Cita Dan Nafsu Luar

G-spot is a bundle of nerves inside a woman’s vaginal canal which when stimulated with pressure; it will give a woman a very pleasurable orgasm. Women can experience orgasms just from g-spot stimulation alone. Therefore, it is probably a good thing for you to discover where your partner’s g-spot is, so that you are able to stimulate it.

Trust me, g-spot stimulation and cunnilingus go hand in hand. The orgasmic feeling of g-spot stimulation is very different from the orgasmic feeling of cunnilingus stimulation. The good thing is that it is possible for her to experience both types of orgasms at the same time! Having both orgasms at once is definitely an amazing and mind-blowing experience for her.

Before you can move to stimulate her g-spot, you need to know where it is located. The g-spot is simply easy to find. Insert your index finger into a vaginal canal with your palm facing up. Then use your finger to make a “come here” motion and touch the front wall of her vaginal. That should pretty much do it.

However, sometime the g-spot may be located further towards the front as well. Therefore, it will be good that if you ask your girl to guide you along the process. Once you have hit the right spot, you need to apply pressure onto it.

G-spot reacts to pressure, not touches. You will also need to apply consistent pressure to it if you want her to feel any sensation from your effort. By combining both g-spot and cunnilingus stimulations, you are now better equipped to send your honey to orgasm heaven.


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