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As women we often shoulder the task of taking care of everyone in the family. We tend to the children and ensure that they are living happy, healthy lives and we do the same with our husbands. If anything goes amiss we want to be the ones who fix the problem, but there are times when we have to take a step back and instead of being the problem solver, we have to take on the role of a supportive family member. If your husband has low libido you may feel the desire to take the responsibility for that onto your shoulders. Doing this will not only hinder finding a solution but it may also make the problem even worse.Many women jump to an incorrect conclusion when their husband has lost his desire for intimacy. They blame themselves. They look in the mirror and they see a woman who is a bit heavier than she was on her wedding day and there are a few more wrinkles where there used to be smooth skin. If your husband has low libido you need to fully understand that it has nothing to do with the way you look. Men don’t lose their drive for intimacy because their wives have gained a few pounds. Men realize that they too look much different than when they were the groom on that wedding day years ago. A woman can do herself and her husband a favor by not asking him if he’s not attracted to her. This will usually only cause him to feel even more distant and the problem only worsens.

If your husband is an avid smoker this is something that may be related to his declining interest in being intimate. This is particularly true for men who are getting older. It’s a great idea to approach your husband in a non-threatening way and discuss the smoking issue. If your husband has low libido, do not mention the smoking in relation to that. You don’t want him feeling the added pressure of thinking he has to perform intimately once he starts cutting back on cigarettes. Instead be honest and tell him that you are worried about his health. Explain the benefits of stopping smoking and how it will not only ensure he lives longer but it also ensures your children have a father for longer.

Many families share the duty of planning and cooking meals. The type of food consumed is really important if your husband has low libido. You want to try and limit the amount of fats and carbohydrates that he’s consuming. If you do feel that you could use a few pounds, why not start a new healthy eating plan for the entire family? Cook up some fresh vegetables, fish or chicken and round the meal off with some whole grain pasta and bread. It will help with his libido and it will also help you get back into your skinny jeans.


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