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Most of the people that try to spice up their lovemaking often end up making their experiences less fulfilling? It’s true. For some years now, I always see couples make that the same mistakes all over and over again when struggling to enhance their love lives. I am going to teach you how you can overcome and avoid these heartbreaking problems. Below are the 7 Mistakes. Won’t you like to avoid them? I know your answer would be yes.Mistake 1: Use toys or porn to make your lovemaking better

When sex gets to a rough patch, many couples especially men thinks that a plastic, video or a vibrating thing will instantly make things move more smooth. Thats wrong, though toys can create a nice place in your lovemaking repertoire, relying on them can be dangerous. These outside sources of pleasure can quickly make lovemaking even less fulfilling. Why? It is because you don’t want your partner to end up looking forward to their plastic toy for pleasure more than they do with you. Partners need to initially discover how to satisfy their spouses’ body parts before bringing in some second elements. Use them to spice up but not as a main course.

Mistake 2: Trying to convince your partner to make love when your partner is not in the mood

Trying to persuade or convince them to have sex rarely works. If you must know when somebody is sexually aroused their body releases some chemical adrenaline into the bloodstream. The chemical adrenaline is what gives you the energy and strength to make love. This is how to arouse him the right way to make him be in the mood and willing to give you some sweet love even if they are completely tired. Female’s: Love to get men in the mood? Try to manually stroke him between 9 or 10am in the morning. This is the time when men’s testosterone levels are very high for the day. If you need quick results, wear something sexy and attractive or nothing at all. I guess he will love that or don’t you think so? Male’s: Inner and deeper passionate kisses are one of the biggest charms and turn-ons for women. Looking straight into her eyes and caressing her face when you are kissing her can really increase arousal, if you then give her attention to her neck, it that will make her go wild. Stop! don’t rush into it, spend good quality time building up her arousal with your sensual kisses.

Mistake 3: Trying to make the woman orgasm only from intercourse

Men sometimes feel as if they are not man enough when they are not able to satisfy their partner through intercourse. I don’t blame them, most woman can’t be able to reach orgasm through usual lovemaking. This takes a lot of energy from men. You shouldn’t get sad if your woman can’t achieve orgasm, try to master the art of cunnilingus which simply means going down on a woman.

Mistake 4: Trying to finish at the same time

Rather than reaching for one orgasm that both of you share together, target mainly on the woman’s needs first. Keep off the positions you love so much and make love to your partner in ways that she find more enjoyable till the extent she is fully satisfied. That way you have much greater chance of both climaxing.

Mistake 5 – The ability to feel embarrassed or afraid to talk about trying new things

Are there ideas you’ve ever heard of which you can use to spice up your lovemaking but you didn’t try it out because you were scared of what your partner may think? Believe it or dwelt it, in every 90% of this case, your partner always look out to expect something new. It is like expecting the new year or even the invention of a car etc. You know how it feels whenever times like these comes. They are also as depressed and uncomfortable about coming up with new ideas as you do. There is no need to introduce chains, whips or even a third party. It’s not reasonable if you do so. There are hundreds of methods to come up with new skills to add to your passionate play that are not considered to be cruel or even dangerous which your partner will be comfortable with.

Mistake 6 : Neglecting foreplay to enjoy intercourse sooner

When men are in a relationship they tend to ignore foreplay so they can quickly start to enjoy intercourse sooner. Do you that foreplay actually intensify orgasms? If you kiss, caress and touch longer, you will gain more satisfaction while making love. Thats why you should slow down and take some ample of time. If you want to make it more better, tease your partner in a playful way. It works like crazy. If you discover something they really enjoy, stop doing it, move back and then do it again later. The more you pull back and then do it again, the more they will like it. And the more intense their experience will be. They are so many games you can apply to enhance this anticipation.

Mistake 7: Sticking to a certain routine all the time

I guess you know what this is all about. You pull off your clothes, insert part A into part B and in a few minutes the game is over. No matter how sweet making love can be, there’s nothing to deny that it gets boring over the years and it is because lovemaking in its basic act is always the same. If you let it be part of routine as in every time you want to get into it could begin to affect your relationship. An expert will tell you that the best ways to enjoy your love life and precious connection is to have lots of new lovemaking ideas ready whenever you need them. When you have many new tips and techniques ready you will always enjoy steamy, hot and passionate lovemaking, you should discover new found enthusiasm to make love and even make love much better.


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