Kesilapan Ketika Aksi Lidah

This might not be a unique situation but most guys make several mistakes while giving oral which often leads a girl angry and annoyed yet most guys don’t even realize that they have done something wrong. You see women never reveal their emotions therefore it becomes your job to really figure out what she’s thinking about. Leaving her unsatisfied would often mean that she would stop enjoying your company in bed and would try to find someone else who would give her what she wants. Read on to discover the biggest mistakes guys make while giving oral and achieve mind blowing results…….Not shaving your cheeks- Well have you ever seen a girl being uncomfortable or even pushing you away when you are trying to kiss her on the neck or even trying to give her oral stimulation in the vagina? You see she is doing this because your beard is really pinching her yet she is having a hard time telling you to shave. Women might never tell you this but they really desire a clean shaven man.

Not doing it long enough- A girl would rather have several hours of oral and ten minutes of intercourse and she would still be more than satisfied with you. You see what women truly desire in bed is good foreplay and oral sex therefore learn to spend more time on oral than the main thing.

Doing the same thing over and over again- Oral sex is all about variation and changing your routines and patterns. You see when you do the same thing over and over again it tends to get boring and she stops enjoying it after a while.


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