Jima’ Yang Memuaskan Setiap Kali

Having passionate, intimate, great sex is very important in maintaining a healthy and exciting relationship, as well as impressing new partners which could lead to a steady relationship. You want to be great every time out, but how can you guarantee to be a great lover consistently? Here are some important tips to make sure great sex is had consistently:1. Techniques and Tips that are guaranteed to please. There are intimate tips and techniques you can use routinely that never seem to fail in ensuring great sex is had. These include erotic zones on the body which trigger automatic pleasure, combining two intimate practices at the same time, and priming foreplay so actual sexual intimacy is even more exciting.

2. Variety, variety, variety. It can’t be said enough, being an exciting lover requires you too have an arsenal of lovemaking tricks up your sleeve to ensure variety is met. Doing the same thing over and over, even if it is a successful great sex technique, can lead to the same old routine. To keep things exciting and fresh learn as many new sexual tricks as you can and apply them accordingly.

3. Lovemaking Guide. With hundreds of routines and tips to use. The best way to have great sex every time out is by following a routine, technique or erotic tip found in a good lovemaking guide. They generally provide hundreds of surefire routines and tips that you can employ immediately. Simply skimming through a few routines and tips a few hours before intimacy can ensure that exciting, memorable and great sex will be had!


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