Jenis Inzal Isteri

You guys have probably know that there are some huge differences between the women and men orgasms. Sadly, most men usually experience a single shot and for the most part, it is basically done, at least for a while and usually need of some rest afterwards.Not so for the ladies. Women, on the other hand, often have to work a bit harder for their climax, but if you guys know what you are doing, you can deliver a consistent stream of more satisfying orgasms, until your girl just can’t take it any more. There is no more beautiful look on a lady’s face than the look of being completely satisfied.

Therefore, you should as quickly as possible to learn exactly how to create the circumstances necessary for your lover to experience the full ride of the “multiple orgasm”

The most common orgasm for females is the “clitoral orgasm,” which is brought about by the stimulation of the clitoris.

The next most common female orgasms is activated by firm pressure and shaking of the fleshy area just over the pubic bone, located between the female’s abdomen and vagina. Pressing into that area, and the wiggling the hands back and forth, in a rocking or shaking motion can create a very powerful orgasms.

The vaginal orgasm is far more rare. It usually comes about when it is simultaneously joined by either clitoral or shaking stimulation.

Now we reach the “Holy Grail” of female climaxes. It is the G-spot orgasm. Almost all men and most women do not know where or how to find the infamous and mysterious G-spot and how to activate it. So be sure that you find your partner’s G-spot. It is usually located around 2 inches form the opening of her vagina, just slightly behind the pubic bone.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with all the “Nice Button” I’ve mentioned above. Believe me, your partners will LOVE it.


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