Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Jima’

Ayurveda, an age old tradition of Indian medical system, emphasis sex to be an integral part of our daily life (dinacharya) and the satisfaction one derives out of it, is being spilled over his other areas of life. It points out the factors influencing the sexual intercourse as below :

a) Both the partners should have a strong feeling that they need each other physically, emotionally and spiritually at the time of intercourse.

b) Men is to approach his women with calm, cool, collected disposition and in an unfrustrated manner, so that her mood too is set up and a condusive atmosphere for an effective lovemaking is created.

c) Their mental and physical health should be robust in order to have a maximum enjoyment during intercourse.

d) Take care that the atmosphere is beautiful, clean, peaceful which seduces the sense organs. Also bathing before coitus/burning incense sticks/using scents rouses ones mood.

e) Best time suitable for intercourse is midnight or after 2 hours having dinner, as it considered as the best time for intimacy (kapha time).

f) A total involvement and enjoyment in a fore play before sexual intercourse, by involving the five senses (touch, smell, see, hear etc.,) increases the intimacy and a prolonged love making.

g) Each couple’s requirement for sex varies depending upon their body constitution and seasons. It is believed that kapha types has more sexual intercourse than the other two types viz pitta and vata.

h) Bad mood, stressed mind, anxiety, low self esteem, feeling bad of oneself, fear of not able to perform well or not able to satisfy the partner are the other factors affecting the coitus.

i) Take care to solve any misunderstanding with your partner, resolve any anger against one another and try to improve communicating with each other what exactly one enjoys from other.


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