Empat Lubuk Yang Mesti Dirangsang

You can give your lover a very satisfying lovemaking experience as long as you target the following erogenous areas that I am going to share with you. Stimulating the various erogenous areas are very important so as arouse your lover and give her a mind-blowing orgasm during lovemaking.During lovemaking, there are some areas that are commonly being neglected by us men. Let us discuss which are the 4 most commonly neglected sensitive areas that you absolutely need to stimulate:

1. Her Back. To stimulate her back, you can start off with some light massages. Then, move on to stimulate areas such as spine, waist, and shoulder blades. One good technique is to use the tip of your tongue to run down her spine and kiss her lower back and waist with fiery passion.

2. Her Abdomen. Abdomen stimulation should come right after you have stimulated her breasts. Her belly button is very sensitive to licking and sucking. You can use the tips of your tongue to go around her belly button, and give it a little suction every now and then.

3. Her Inner Thighs. A woman’s inner thigh is one of the most sensitive areas that you cannot afford to miss out on. Run your tongue up and down slowly along the skin of her thighs, which will definitely send her a very stimulating sensation. When you are licking and kissing her thighs, leave out her vulva for the moment. This will tease her and make her imagine what it will feel like when you finally plant your tongue on her vulva. Let her beg you for cunnilingus action.

4. Her Vulva. Do you know that a woman’s clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings? This makes it the most sensitive part of a human body. A lot of guys do not go down on their lovers during lovemaking. To guarantee orgasms, you must go down on your lover by using the various cunnilingus tongue techniques to stimulate her. If the reason that you are not performing cunnilingus for your lover is because of hygiene purpose, one thing that you can do is to have a shower with your lover before lovemaking to make the both of you feel more comfortable.

Target these 4 erogenous zones properly and you should able to see the satisfying look on the face of your lover after lovemaking.


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