Cara Isteri Bantu Suami Tahan Lama

Women can be the best cure to helping men last longer during sexual intimacy. Oftentimes it is the lack of female assistance and understanding (or the males perception of such) which prevents a man from being able to learn how to last longer and in turn become an excellent lover. Here’s how to keep a man from ejaculating too quickly and helping them last longer.1. Stop and Start. The start and stop technique is a great way to get your man used to lasting longer. You simply engage in sexual intimacy and then stop, rest for a moment or engage in other forms of intimacy for a few moments, and then resume, then repeat it again a few times.

What this does is it gets the male used to lasting longer, both physically and mentally. Once his body learns that it needs to maintain excitement for a longer period of time, it will naturally do so in future intimacy encounters.

2. Squeeze technique. Another way to get your partner used to longer lasting sex, is to have him or you gently squeeze at the head before over excitement occurs. This lessens and stops ejaculation, while teaching the body to that it needs to maintain excitement longer and stronger. By repeating this process the body will become much better in avoiding premature ejaculation in future sexual intimacy encounters.

3. Get your man a Guide! The best way to cut to the chase and get your man to last longer is by getting him a guide on premature ejaculation prevention. Then assist him in the exercises to perform. These will create a permanent, longer lasting man when followed, and the results can be experienced within a few weeks. There’s nothing better that will turn a man into a better, longer lasting lover than a woman who provides him with the tools, and assists him in obtaining permanent results.


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