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Masturbation addiction is an act where a person masturbates compulsively. This addiction is so overwhelming that a person can’t stay without it and in a large way is the base or paves the way for other forms of sexual addiction. Masturbation addiction may begin when viewing pornography or simply when people conjure vivid mental images and arouse themselves at the drop of a hat.

This addiction leads to other addictions and can lead to having sex with prostitutes, having multiple affairs and other conventionally accepted sexual activities. Some researchers refer masturbation as process addiction; it’s referred to substances like drugs or alcohol. Masturbation addiction brings on a high feeling that is caused due to release of chemicals in the brain. The main reason for masturbation is these signals are sent to the brain during orgasm rather than a source. Due to these chemicals the mind becomes so stubborn that it starts searching sources to comfort it.

Some people may feel that masturbation is safe and harmless as it is for sex. But masturbation brings problems emotionally, physically and spiritually. Due to this addiction you come to a climax much quicker, which ultimately leaves your wife or partner unsatisfied. This brings on a mental tension between partners. Masturbation is natural, but is a selfish act. As a person is getting the sexual desires from his or own, a person does not need to find a external source for it. You might be thinking how can masturbation harm you spiritually. In the Holy bible under Matthew 5:28 the following is stated “But I tell you that anyone that looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in his heart.” Lustful thoughts clearly indicate masturbation, which falls under falseness as a sinful act.

There are many ways by which you can overcome masturbation addiction. The simplest way is to tell your wife or partner. Seek help when you know it’s a problem. Do not hide behind it and use it as a tool at every opportunity you get.

It’s very important to have a balanced diet or a nutritional diet according to the food pyramid. The diet will make you feel healthy and give a physical energy that will keep you active. This in itself is a feel good factor and you will begin to experience the positive vibes around you rather than resort to the addiction to find the good feeling.

Another recommended technique to overcome masturbation addiction is hypnosis. This deals with the parts of your brain that control and run the signals of pleasure and excitement. If you are willing to overcome masturbation addiction its high time to do so before the self-satisfactory tool hurts you emotionally as well as physically. Masturbation at all times can land you in serious embarrassing situations that can hurt your loved ones. So seek help. Talk to someone and get yourself professional help. D


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