Apa Suami Sepatutnya Lakukan

One of the main aims of most guys out there is to satisfy his girl in bed. You see there might not be any guarantees as to what she is thinking and whether she is satisfied from you or not but you can always make that out from her body language and facial expressions. You see when she is satisfied she would naturally look happy and at the same time she would tell you that you were really good. But how can one satisfy her in bed? Read on to discover some of the most stunning ways to satisfy her in bed…Awaken her senses- Sex is just not about intercourse you see it’s much more than that. Before you do anything to her you need to get her senses awakened where she is in the true active state where she feels completely alert and feels the excitement of the whole situation. You see this is where you need to turn her on and get her in the mood. The best possible way to do this would be to vocally tell her how much you love her and share your fantasies with her at the same time.

Play around with her imagination- Now this is something most women love yet very few men tend to do this. You see she would like to go their in mind before she goes there in the body. Therefore when you tell her step by step what you are going to do before actually doing it she would end up getting really excited and at the same time she would feel more urge and desire towards it.

Master the art of lasting long- Now this is something most girls out there desperately want you to know. You see most men out there are not able to last as long as their partner and this leaves them unsatisfied and angry at the same time. You see the best possible way to last longer in to masturbate before intercourse and you would naturally be able to last longer than normal.


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